Letters of Marque Pre-Release Update

Hey everyone, here’s a little update.   We have contacted around 80 review sites, all of which appeared to be free or did not have pricing information readily available.  Around 10 of them replied with pricing for a review, 5 have contacted us for more information about the game, and 7 promo codes have been used to download the game.  I have not yet seen any reviews showing up for the game, but they have only had the promo codes for about a week now, and I am sure some reviews will take many weeks to appear.

I have also added the game to the PreApps database.  If you have a moment, hop over there and give the app a thumbs up!  No account needed, and we don’t need many votes to get on the front page:


If you know of any other game databases we should be on, like IndieDB or PreApps, please let me know! 🙂

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