Letters of Marque – Our first 2 weeks in the App Store

Letters of Marque has been in the iTunes App Store for just over 2 weeks, and I wanted to share our results with you.

We went live on December 15th, and by December 30th, we had just over 4,000 downloads and our sales from In-App purchases could afford a new laptop (not sure if I can reveal too much there.)  We were featured at #2 in RPG’s and #6 in Adventure games over Christmas, and this has kept our downloads going nicely for the first couple of weeks.

Some found the game to be too difficult, so we made some adjustments and have a new version of the game in review at Apple now.  We also made a lot of optimizations (primarily cleaning out the resources folder in Unity) which cut the file size of the game down to about 1/3 its original package size.  Our most expensive ($4.99) IAP accounted for over half of our earnings, so we are trying out some new IAP options in the next release (including a $9.99 option) to see how things go.

So far, we are pretty happy with how things have been going, especially for our first game.  I will let you know when the next update becomes available and I look forward to sharing more information as time goes on.