Our new game ‘Inky Squid’ is now available in the App Store

        Hey everyone, I have just released my latest creation on the Apple App Store…  Inky Squid!  When I heard the developer of Flappy Bird was taking that game down, I decided to see how quickly I could get a replacement up in the App Store.  After 2o hours of development, I had uploaded my first release of the game to Apple.  I was apparently not the only person who thought they would try to fill the void that Flappy bird left, as it seems to be one of the most cloned games ever!  Regardless, it was a fun exercise in seeing how fast I could push out a game, and it was my first venture into Unity’s 2D workflow as well.

        After seeing all of the clones swarming the App Store, I decide to do something little different and make it a game of mini-games, with a difficulty option on mode.  Now the game consists of a hop mode, which is true to the flappy bird style, and a drop mode where you have to move side to side to get between the pillars.  This game is more difficult than Flappy Bird on the hardest setting, and quite easy on the other end of the spectrum.  Medium is pretty much the same difficulty as Flappy Bird.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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