LINK has been submitted to Apple for review

LINK: Connect the letters, find the wordsHey everyone!  We are happy to announce that our new game LINK has been submitted to the Apple App Store and should be in your hands soon.  If you like word search games, then you are going to love this game!  In LINK, you have to use all of the letters on the board to form words, and bigger words give you bigger scores.  All of the puzzles have a theme, but our unique dictionary will allow you to create any valid word so that you can complete the puzzle.  If you can solve the puzzle with the intended solution, or by using even bigger words, you will earn more stars.  The stars can be used to unlock other categories, or to get some hints.

This is also our first multi-player game!  In LINK, you can create puzzles and share them with your Facebook friends.  Want to tell your brother that he’s a dork, or tell your significant other that you love them?  What better way than to send them a puzzle and make them figure it out!

If you want to learn more about the game, checkout the LINK game page.  I will post again to let you know when this is available on the App Store, and Google Play will be getting some love soon, so hang in there!

Our new game ‘Inky Squid’ is now available in the App Store

        Hey everyone, I have just released my latest creation on the Apple App Store…  Inky Squid!  When I heard the developer of Flappy Bird was taking that game down, I decided to see how quickly I could get a replacement up in the App Store.  After 2o hours of development, I had uploaded my first release of the game to Apple.  I was apparently not the only person who thought they would try to fill the void that Flappy bird left, as it seems to be one of the most cloned games ever!  Regardless, it was a fun exercise in seeing how fast I could push out a game, and it was my first venture into Unity’s 2D workflow as well.

        After seeing all of the clones swarming the App Store, I decide to do something little different and make it a game of mini-games, with a difficulty option on mode.  Now the game consists of a hop mode, which is true to the flappy bird style, and a drop mode where you have to move side to side to get between the pillars.  This game is more difficult than Flappy Bird on the hardest setting, and quite easy on the other end of the spectrum.  Medium is pretty much the same difficulty as Flappy Bird.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Letters of Marque 1.1 is now available on the App Store

LOM_Icon_1024We have just released the 1.1 update for Letters of Marque!  In this release, we added powder keg upgrades and armor plate upgrades.  We also fixed a bug in ‘Blow me Down’ where some boats were under water and could not be killed, so if you were previously unable to beat the game, this update should fix that.  You can Download Letters of Marque here.

To go with this update, we have also created a new trailer:

Hope you like the update!

Letters of Marque – Our first 2 weeks in the App Store

Letters of Marque has been in the iTunes App Store for just over 2 weeks, and I wanted to share our results with you.

We went live on December 15th, and by December 30th, we had just over 4,000 downloads and our sales from In-App purchases could afford a new laptop (not sure if I can reveal too much there.)  We were featured at #2 in RPG’s and #6 in Adventure games over Christmas, and this has kept our downloads going nicely for the first couple of weeks.

Some found the game to be too difficult, so we made some adjustments and have a new version of the game in review at Apple now.  We also made a lot of optimizations (primarily cleaning out the resources folder in Unity) which cut the file size of the game down to about 1/3 its original package size.  Our most expensive ($4.99) IAP accounted for over half of our earnings, so we are trying out some new IAP options in the next release (including a $9.99 option) to see how things go.

So far, we are pretty happy with how things have been going, especially for our first game.  I will let you know when the next update becomes available and I look forward to sharing more information as time goes on.

Letters of Marque is now available in the Apple App Store

Hey Everyone!  I just wanted to post and let you all know that you can now download Letters of Marque from the App Store on your iOS device for FREE!  Here is the direct link to the app:

Also, there are only 5 days of voting left to help us win ‘App of the Year’ over at SlideDB.  If you get a moment, click on over and give us a vote:

Vote us up for ‘App of the Year’ award!

LoM_icon_300_roundedLetters of Marque is a contender for the SlideDB “App of the Year” award, and the IndieDB “Indie of the Year” award.  If you have a moment, help us out and give us a vote!  Here are the links:

Vote for Letters of Marque for the App of the Year award

Vote for Letters of Marque for the Indie of the Year award


Also, I wanted to say thank you all for helping us reach the FRONT PAGE on! Your votes made a difference!

Don’t forget, this FREE game goes live in the Apple App Store in 10 days!

Letters of Marque Pre-Release Update

Hey everyone, here’s a little update.   We have contacted around 80 review sites, all of which appeared to be free or did not have pricing information readily available.  Around 10 of them replied with pricing for a review, 5 have contacted us for more information about the game, and 7 promo codes have been used to download the game.  I have not yet seen any reviews showing up for the game, but they have only had the promo codes for about a week now, and I am sure some reviews will take many weeks to appear.

I have also added the game to the PreApps database.  If you have a moment, hop over there and give the app a thumbs up!  No account needed, and we don’t need many votes to get on the front page:

If you know of any other game databases we should be on, like IndieDB or PreApps, please let me know! 🙂