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Letters of Marque is Funonium’s first game, released on December 15, 2013 for iOS devices. Letters of Marque (LoM) was developed using Unity3D, Blender, and GIMP.  We spent around 2,200 hours in development on this title.

Your task as a Privateer is to save the world from a pirate infestation. You will earn letters of marque throughout your adventure, granting you legal right to annihilate pirates.  Command your crew as they wage war on an army of enemy ships, pillaging and plundering your way to total sea domination.

This game features:

– 10 levels for hours of gameplay
– 4 playable ships to choose from
– 25 upgrades possible per ship
– 6 different types of weapons to equip
– 5 level upgrades for each weapon
– Powder kegs to blow up enemy ships
– Armor plate your ships for added strength


About Us

Funonium is an independent game studio started by Jade Skaggs in 2013 in an effort to pursue a life long dream of making fun video games.  Jade has been making computer games as a hobby since 1995 starting off in qbasic.  Many years later, he is now a serious game developer by day, and a fun game developer by night.

Enter Funonium, the commercial face of the fun games.

Team members vary from project to project, and you can learn more about those team members our website. 


Letters of Marque – Trailer

Letters of Marque – Player Controls

Letters of Marque – Pre-Alpha Gameplay Demo #2

Letters of Marque – Pre-Alpha Gameplay Demo #1



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Press Coverage

Official Gameplay Trailer Released for Letters of Marque – Gamasutra

Letters of Marque, iOS Alpha Signup – Alpha Beta Gamer

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Development Team

Jade Skaggs – Design, Programming, Art

Tim Lindsey – Design, Programming, Art

Matt Vermelen – Art

Brandon Reynolds – Programming