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You always knew that one day you were going to have to annihilate a bunch of pirates, didn’t you?  Well that day is coming!  Your task as a privateer is to save the world from a pirate infestation.  Command your crew as they wage war on an army of enemy ships, pillaging and plundering your way to total sea domination.



Ships of all sizes can be had for the right amount of coin.  As you command your ship, your crew will become more experienced and more dangerous to all who oppose them.




Weaponry itself comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that are sure to get the job done.  You can even use the ship itself to ram into your enemies!  But of course the ranged weapons are much less damaging to your ship, so I would recommend trying them out.  Weaponry can be upgraded as well to help you overcome tough obstacles (e.g. pirates).



The world is full of pirates, but not all pirates are alike.  Some are simple hunter/gatherers whose sole purpose is to provide their comrades with food, while others command the deadliest war vessels on the water.  As a rookie Privateer, you will want to start out small; take out some fishing boats until you acquire the equipment needed to attack some of the more dangerous ships on the sea.  But the only way to really eliminate the pirates is to cut them off at the source.  You will eventually need to take over the ports where they gather and recruit scallywags.  Lucky for you, these ports offer supplies to help you along the way.  Once the docks are free of the pirates’ control, the markets will be able to help you in the fight against the pirates.  Different ships, weapons, and other items of use can be found at different ports throughout the world.

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