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Our Games

Gravity Shots

Protect the star from incoming orbs by shooting them out of the sky. Hit as many orbs as you can with each shot by bouncing the shots between orbs and predicting how gravity will affect the shot's trajectory.

Letters of Marque

You always knew that one day you were going to have to annihilate a bunch of pirates, didn’t you? Well that day is here! Your task as a Privateer is to save the world from a pirate infestation. You will earn letters of marque throughout your adventure, granting you legal right to annihilate pirates. Command your crew as they wage war on an army of enemy ships, pillaging and plundering your way to total sea domination.

  • 10 levels for hours of gameplay
  • 4 playable ships to choose from
  • 25 upgrades possible per ship
  • 6 different types of weapons to equip
  • 5 level upgrades for each weapon
  • Powder kegs to blow up enemy ships
  • Armor plate your ships for added strength

LINK: Connect the Letters

LINK is a fun and addictive word game. Connect the letters to form words until you fill the entire grid. Includes hundreds of puzzles for hours of fun.